Saturday, August 1, 2009

Duchess Tries to Drown Out Anti-fur Activists and Gas Goes Fur Free!

Today, AARC held an anti-fur demo outside Duchess despite the pouring rain. Instead of throwing water on us to try to shut us up, they blasted Justin Timberlake really loud on their speakers, which they directed towards us. We made light of the situation by dancing in the rain to bubblegum pop beats and chanting anti-fur and animal rights slogans in time with the music.

Not long after it began to pour down with rain, a woman from a nearby shop come out and gave us an umbrella. We also got support from cars driving past, beeping, waving and giving us the thumbs up.

The owner of Gas also came by and talked to us. Gas were stocking factory-farmed fox fur, but the owner had expressed sympathy for the animals and disagreement with the fur trade. He has consequently agreed to stop stocking fur products and to be careful to look at what is coming into their shops. Yay! Another success in the Fur Free Auckland campaign.

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