Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Foie Gras National Day of Action this Sunday!‏

Join us in a national day of action against restaurants that sell foie gras!

Foie gras is the diseased liver of ducks and geese who are kept in confined conditions and force fed with a metal pipe. This force feeding can result in severe injuries to the birds throats, in a matter of weeks their livers swell up to ten times the normal size, and the birds can scarcely stand or walk. After three months of this torture they are killed.

There are events in Wellington that can be viewed here

In Auckland, we are holding a protest outside Sabato at 3pm on Sunday 4th October afternoon.

Meet at 57 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden.

Hope you see you there! Bring noise-makers and placards!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sea Shepher Fundraiser: The Cove Film Screening

The Cove is a documentary-style investigation into the annual slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese coastal town of Naiji. A recent screening of The Cove in the Naiji sister-city Broome in Western Australia has convinced the local community there to suspend its connection in protest.

100% of all profits made from these special fundraising screenings are going to go directly to upcoming campaigns to help dolphins (organised by Sea Shepherd).

AucklandL: Wednesday 2nd of September at 8:15 pm

The Bridgeway Northcote Point

Fur Free Victory: Duchess Stops Selling Fur!

After our anti-fur campaign against Duchess, they have agreed to adopt a fur free policy. Thanks to all those who helped make this happen!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anti-fur demo outside Duchess

A demo was held outside of Duchess again on Saturday to protest their support for the fur trade. No water was thrown on us this time, but a store worker came out holding a chihuahua claiming that they weren't selling fur. We tried to talk to him, but once again, they refused to listen and called the cops. When police arrived, they tried to tell us that we couldn't use a megaphone and that we should just stand quietly and further out on the pavement, closer to the road rather than outside their shop. Luckily, we knew our rights and didn't let them lie to us about what we can and can't do on a protest.

When the police couldn't do anything about us because everything we were doing was perfectly legal, Duchess re-located their speakers so they pointed right outside their shop towards us and blasted pop music out the speakers so loud that it made a few kids block their ears as they passed by the shop. The volume of the music was louder than our megaphone and brought us more attention from the public, and we were also able to chant along to the beats for some songs.

We received lots of supportive toots from passing cars and many pedestrians stopped by and expressed their disgust at the fur trade and showed their support for this campaign.

But our protests seem to be working, and a revisit to their website shows that the fur-trimmed coat advertised on their website is no longer there. But until they agree to adopt a fur free policy, we will be outside their store every week to remind them of the pain and excruciating deaths animals go through for the fur they were selling.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Duchess Tries to Drown Out Anti-fur Activists and Gas Goes Fur Free!

Today, AARC held an anti-fur demo outside Duchess despite the pouring rain. Instead of throwing water on us to try to shut us up, they blasted Justin Timberlake really loud on their speakers, which they directed towards us. We made light of the situation by dancing in the rain to bubblegum pop beats and chanting anti-fur and animal rights slogans in time with the music.

Not long after it began to pour down with rain, a woman from a nearby shop come out and gave us an umbrella. We also got support from cars driving past, beeping, waving and giving us the thumbs up.

The owner of Gas also came by and talked to us. Gas were stocking factory-farmed fox fur, but the owner had expressed sympathy for the animals and disagreement with the fur trade. He has consequently agreed to stop stocking fur products and to be careful to look at what is coming into their shops. Yay! Another success in the Fur Free Auckland campaign.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcoming Events

Fur Free Auckland demo

Where: Duchess, 47 Nuffield St, Newmarket.
When: Saturday 1st August, 12noon.

No Foie Gras demo at Sabato

Where: 57 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden.
When: Tuesday 4th August, 1pm.

AARC dinner, meeting and workshop.

Where: Golden Age Cafe, 61 Victoria St, Auckland CBD.
When: Thursday 13th August, 6:30pm.

Auckland Animal Rights Collective will be holding a meeting open to the public, for anyone that is interested in getting involved in animal rights activism, particularly the Fur Free Auckland and No Foie Gras campaign. We will be having this meeting in the newly opened Golden Age vegan cafe on 61 Victoria St, CBD, Auckland. We will also be having an informal educational workshop on identifying real fur. Come along if you are interested!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fur Campaign Update: Duchess of Torture

For the past couple of weeks, Auckland Animal Rights Collective have been campaigning against Duchess, who have been stocking over 50 items of real rabbit and fox fur in their store. They have been approached with information, however they refused to listen and claimed that the fur they had in stock was fake and told us to leave their shop. When animal rights activists first went in, they found full-rabbit fur vests priced at over $800 each, fur-trimmed jackets. While they are still claiming they are not selling any real fur items, a quick glimpse at their website shows that they are still selling real animal fur.

AARC have had two demonstrations against Duchess. The first demonstration was quite a wet experience with an angry bald man from the shop showering us with buckets of water, claiming to be "washing the windows". Legally, this would be counted as assault, but although the police were called (by the shop owners) they didn't bother showing up. The second demonstration the angry bald man was noticeably absent. We were outside for over an hour with many pedestrians giving us verbal support. A member of AARC went inside to try to engage them in discussion about the selling of fur, but was met with hostility and denial of the sale of fur in their store.

In the past, fur shops that have agreed to remove fur from their shop have continuously put it back when we are not there. Particularly on Saturdays, shops seem to put their fur items out the back and put it back on the shelves during the week. Or they claim to have sold the item and just send it to another store. This shows us that they do not take the issue of animal abuse seriously and do not actually care about the dead tortured body parts of animals they sell as "fashion" in their stores. It is not good enough, and even if they do not display items of fur on the shelves on Saturday's when we are protesting, this does not equal to an agreement to stop selling, stocking, producing and ordering fur items. We will not stop short of a fur free policy.

Fur farming is an extremely cruel and unnecessary practice, factory farms in Asia and Europe producing rabbit, fox, mink and other animal furs involve painful and torturous processes for the animals. They are bred and raised in cages where they are deprived of their natural behaviours and develop psychological disorders that often lead to self-mutilation and cannibalism. Undercover footage of fur farms have exposed the disgusting conditions in which these animals live in and the cruel killing methods that are used, sometimes skinning animals alive. Killing methods involve anal electrocution, neck-breaking, gassing and strangling.

Help us stop Duchess's involvement and support for animal abuse!

There will be a demonstration this Saturday 12noon, outside of Duchess (47 Nuffield St, Newmarket)

If you cannot make demonstrations, you can make your opinions known by contacting them at:

47 Nuffield Street
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 5200441