Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anti-fur demo outside Duchess

A demo was held outside of Duchess again on Saturday to protest their support for the fur trade. No water was thrown on us this time, but a store worker came out holding a chihuahua claiming that they weren't selling fur. We tried to talk to him, but once again, they refused to listen and called the cops. When police arrived, they tried to tell us that we couldn't use a megaphone and that we should just stand quietly and further out on the pavement, closer to the road rather than outside their shop. Luckily, we knew our rights and didn't let them lie to us about what we can and can't do on a protest.

When the police couldn't do anything about us because everything we were doing was perfectly legal, Duchess re-located their speakers so they pointed right outside their shop towards us and blasted pop music out the speakers so loud that it made a few kids block their ears as they passed by the shop. The volume of the music was louder than our megaphone and brought us more attention from the public, and we were also able to chant along to the beats for some songs.

We received lots of supportive toots from passing cars and many pedestrians stopped by and expressed their disgust at the fur trade and showed their support for this campaign.

But our protests seem to be working, and a revisit to their website shows that the fur-trimmed coat advertised on their website is no longer there. But until they agree to adopt a fur free policy, we will be outside their store every week to remind them of the pain and excruciating deaths animals go through for the fur they were selling.

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