Friday, January 23, 2009


A Demonstration was held today outside Sabato, a deli in Mount Eden. Information was given to the store last week, which included leaflet and footage from typical Foie Gras farm. The store was also contacted by phone when the company made it clear they would not remove the numerous jars and tins of Foie Gras.

Sabato was not receptive to the plight of the force feed geese and ducks, and less so to the picket lasting over an hour outside their premise. Auckland Animal Rights Collective held a peaceful but noisy protest this afternoon with several police cars arriving to no effect as AARC understand the law and do not wish to break it.

The representatives of Sabato who confronted protesters as they rallied outside the shops entrance came out showing pictures of Geese living in Fields in France. All Ducks and Geese on Foie Gras farms live in fields till they are about three moths old- then they are moved into factory farms, and even 'free range' Ducks and Geese are force fed. Sabato claimed that their Foie Gras were exempt from the suffering required to make Foie Gras, however, we know this is not the case.
98% of Foie Gras is produced through the force feeding of the Geese and Ducks using pneumatic tubes, neck rubbing or other disgusing practices to force grain down their throats. The other 2% is not allowed to be sold as "Foie Gras" and as far as we know none is being sold in NZ.
The protest was largely successful and had support from passers by. AARC hopes that Sabato will make the compassionate choice in removing the Foie Gras from their store and comit to not stock it in the future. Protests will be ongoing until sabato remove the fatty liver, and until Auckland is Foie Gras free.

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