Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fur and Foie Gras Update + Demo This Sat!‏

Today, two shops that were selling fur were visited by members of the Auckland Animal Rights Collective. Two stores in Parnell, Mila and Mint have agreed to remove the rabbit fur items they were selling and have given us their word that they will no longer stock it in the future. Two shops that were selling foie gras were also paid a visit 'Zarbo' and 'La Cigale'.
Zarbo refused to stop selling Foie Gras and will continue to do so, the manager of the deli said to us, "we will continue selling foie gras because people come and ask for it". La Cigale was a bit weird and the woman that talked to us said she will no longer sell it to the public but will happily consume the rest of the product herself "and enjoy it".
Demo against Zarbo and foie gras
Saturday 6/11 at 11.30am
Meet corner of Broadway and Morrow St
In the mean time contact Zarbo and tell them what you think about foie gras!
Zarbo Cafe & Deli -
24 Morrow Street,
(09) 5202721

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