Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Upcoming Anti-Fur and Foie Gras Protests

Fur Free Auckland

There has been several stores identified as selling factory farmed fox and rabbit fur. They have all been given letters and information about the cruelty behind the fur trade. This Saturday, we will be having demos outside of stores in Newmarket who continue to sell this product. Last weekend, a demo was held outside of Orange Gal, who have a history of selling fur. While they had removed the fur-trimmed items from display last Saturday, they have not agreed to stop selling it and will put it back and continue to sell it in the future.

Meet at 11am Saturday 6/6, outside 277, corner of Morrow St and Broadway

Foie gras

Sabato are still selling foie gras, so we need to continue this pressure. We decided week-day demos were more effective so we will be outside Sabato next Thursday.

Meet at 2pm Thursday 11/6, outside Sabato, 57 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden.

Hope you see you all there!

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