Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tour Against Torture for World Lab Animal Day

To mark World Lab Animal Day 24th of April 2009, Auckland Animal Rights Collective are organising a "Tour Against Torture" around Auckland city has part of a public education day to expose companies involved in animal testing. Around 300,000 animals are tested on every year in Aotearoa/New Zealand. There are also many companies operating here who are involved in animal testing or clients of animal testing facilities overseas. Because vivisection is shrouded in such secrecy we do not have all the information that goes on within the walls of animal testing laboratories, however we do know the names and addresses of some of the companies profiting from this torture. On this day, we will be standing up for all the animals that are tortured, mutilated and killed in laboratories all around the world.

We will be meeting at the Body Shop at 11am on Saturday 24th of April and we would encourage everyone to bring their bike along to ride to each different place. A route will be devised so we can visit as many animal testing clients and facilities as possible. These will be quick demonstrations to make our point and leave, please bring whistles and noise-makers. If you don't have a bike, and want to get a ride or can offer a car, let us know so we can arrange transport in advance.

Contact: animalrightscollective@gmail.com

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