Sunday, November 2, 2008


A new animal rights group has been formed in Auckland to continue the fight to end the exploitation of animals. The ‘Auckland Animal Rights Collective’ will be continuing the Fur Free Auckland campaign as well as organising to build a strong vibrant Animal Rights movement in Auckland. We aim to organise in a non hierarchical manner and to take a fresh creative approach as we advance Animal Rights in Aotearoa.

As part of the Fur Free Auckland campaign we had our first demonstration outside Harrowset Hall and have had many following. For Harrowset Hall we had met the manager of the store in the week prior to the demonstration and provided extensive information about the disgusting truth behind fur products. Despite this they continued to sell factory farmed rabbit fur. We are happy to announce that they, like the many successes due to animal rights in Auckland, have decided not to continue in the unjustifiable sale of fur.

Animals in Fur farms live a tortured existence, living there entire lives in cages barely large enough for them to stretch out. Trapped in cages they go insane pacing back and forth and mutilating themselves and their cage mates. The fur industry is trying to create the image that fur is acceptable and fashionable. Our campaign is about spreading the message that nothing about factory farming is acceptable and that animals are not on this earth for anyone but themselves.

To get involved or find out email: animalrightscollective (at)

Animal Liberation Now!

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